Brighten your smile. Times-Picayune

Not only does smiling act as a stress-reliever (it does, try it), it’s also a surefire way to show self-confidence. So here are four easy steps for improving the appearance of your teeth and lips (including fighting those pesky fine mouth lines) that should make you, well, smile.

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Simple solutions to common skin problems. Times-Picayune

Clear skin should be the reward of passing through puberty. You finally escape your teens, and breakouts should be behind you. But that’s not always the case. Skin challenges aren’t restricted to any one age. We dialed up dermatologist Patricia Farris and asked her for some tips for dealing with common problems, from blackheads to dark circles. And she offered this shocker: there’s no such thing as combination skin.

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Add a new dimension. Times-Picayune

We know that splashes of color can add interest to a room, but how about touches of texture? Eye-catching texture gives your home visual depth, influencing not only how your spaces appear, but also how they feel. Try contrasting smooth and rough textures for a contemporary look.

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Get a deep facial ­­­­­­– at home. Times-Picayune

Who doesn’t love a spa facial, with its deep cleaning and relaxing massage? It’s hard to rival that luxe treatment at home (unless you send your hubby to aesthetician school), but we can get some of the same skin care benefits in a DIY version. We dialed up Sarah Treadway, aesthetician at Franco’s O Spa in Mandeville, and asked her for tips on how to choose home facial products that keep skin feeling and looking its best all summer long.

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Stylish outdoor fun with Melamine. Times-Picayune

Avoid using paper plates and other throwaway waste by turning to chic Melamine dishware. It’s lightweight, won’t leak and is nearly impossible to break (ask my 3-year-old). Melamine is fantastic for picnics and poolside, so consider bringing the dishware along on your next summer trip.

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