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Ethical Shopping

Author and journalist Stephanie Hepburn has founded Good Cloth, an ethical online clothing shop, as her way to make change in the garment industry and spread awareness on the topic of labor exploitation in a positive way. The shop includes designers who equally care about aesthetics, ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency.

How to combat skin care concerns during pregnancy. Times-Picayune

Pregnancy comes with a long list of don’ts, from foods to avoid to skin care that can cause concerns for developing babies. Retinoids, salicylic acid, phthalates and even some sunblocks are on the no-go list. So what’s left? Skin care worries certainly don’t stop with the first trimester.

Dermatologist Mary Lupo gives us the lowdown. Of course, she emphasizes that the use of any skin- care treatment should first be cleared with your OBGYN.

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Full-time Dads: Economics, Joy, Personal Development and Dealing with Naysayers.

For many couples, determining if one parent will stay home is an economic decision. This was the case for Irish Channel New Orleans resident Nate Walker and his wife Katy. Nate is a sommelier and was a general manager of a restaurant before their son’s birth. Katy is an attorney. The couple sat down to look at their finances and created a budget to factor in costs for daycare, parking, food and other expenses. They realized that it was far more financially beneficial for Nate to stay home with their son during the week and wait tables on Friday and Saturday nights, rather than work full time.

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Design for all ages: Cool Stuff. Stephanie Hepburn, The Times-Picayune

Children take center stage when it comes to the season of gift-giving. But the adults in their lives can take pleasure, too, in well-designed playthings that please the eye, challenge the mind and enhance the home.

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Why (sometimes) our parents drive us bonkers once we have kids. Nolababy, Maria Barrios

They’re not just your parents (or in-laws) anymore. They’re now grandma and grandpa and they have an intensified vested interest in your life and that of your child. It’s time to warm up to that idea, while also tackling any tensions that develop.

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Water birthing, Why moms are turning to the tub to labor and deliver. Maria Barrios, Nola Baby

Raina Zelinski-Wahnsiedler wasn’t committed to laboring in the water. The only commitment she did make to herself was to have a flexible and malleable birth plan.

“My whole idea with labor was whatever works at the time—the more possibilities for natural pain relief, the better,” says Raina. “When I was laboring, it just sounded like a good idea to get in the tub. It was the first thing I wanted to do. I thought that the heat would be relaxing, which it was.”

According to her midwife, Esther deJong, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Raina had the right idea. “Women should treat the tub as an additional tool but not get too attached to a certain plan,” says deJong, who offers water births at West Jefferson Medical Center and Touro Infirmary. “It is a good idea to be open and flexible when it comes to birth plans. I often quote the Buddhist saying ‘no expectations, no aversions’ to my clients.”

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