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Ethical Shopping

Author and journalist Stephanie Hepburn has founded Good Cloth, an ethical online clothing shop, as her way to make change in the garment industry and spread awareness on the topic of labor exploitation in a positive way. The shop includes designers who equally care about aesthetics, ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency.

Home facial for aging skin

As we age, our skin needs a little extra nurturing. Hats and sunglasses become our best friends, and we tend to scour cosmetic shops for the next anti-aging secret. One trick for keeping skin looking its best is adding a weekly home facial that includes key anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Here are some of our favorite products.

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How to soothe irritated and dry eyes. Times-Picayune

I have always been able to use any kind of makeup, without worry about eye irritation. I had no idea how lucky I was until my three-year-old daughter passed her pink eye onto me.

Since then, my eyes have become so sensitive that makeup, if not properly removed at night, can leave my eyes looking infected the next day.

So I dialed up Dr. Ginny Kullman, an ophthalmologist at Ochsner Medical Center, for help. Here are her tips for keeping your eyes pretty, not puffy, irritated and red.

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Dark and stormy makeup. Times-Picayune

Those nude lip glosses you’ve loved all summer will soon get buried in your makeup bag. Bold is back for fall. Strong brows, thick lashes and red lips were all over the runways. Together, they can be a little intimidating. So Natashia Paul of Wink Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio in Old Metairie breaks down the season’s darker look, step by easy step.

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How to combat skin care concerns during pregnancy. Times-Picayune

Pregnancy comes with a long list of don’ts, from foods to avoid to skin care that can cause concerns for developing babies. Retinoids, salicylic acid, phthalates and even some sunblocks are on the no-go list. So what’s left? Skin care worries certainly don’t stop with the first trimester.

Dermatologist Mary Lupo gives us the lowdown. Of course, she emphasizes that the use of any skin- care treatment should first be cleared with your OBGYN.

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Get smooth legs for summer. Times-Picayune

If your toes need a beauty touch-up you can run out for a pedicure. A manicure is a quick fix for fingernails. But what about legs?

Spider veins, cellulite, razor bumps and other common concerns aren’t easy to hide during swimsuit and mini-skirt season. For ways to diminish their appearance, we rang up dermatologists Nicole Rogers and Lisa Donofrio.

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Makeup to keep you looking fresh all day at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Times-Picayune

We know what weather to predict for spring festival season: Sun, rain, heat and humidity — makeup’s four worst enemies. Makeup artist Betsy Boone offers her recommendations for looking fresh-faced even if you’re drenched in mud and dancing in a puddle. Continue Reading

Brighten your smile. Times-Picayune

Not only does smiling act as a stress-reliever (it does, try it), it’s also a surefire way to show self-confidence. So here are four easy steps for improving the appearance of your teeth and lips (including fighting those pesky fine mouth lines) that should make you, well, smile.

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Simple solutions to common skin problems. Times-Picayune

Clear skin should be the reward of passing through puberty. You finally escape your teens, and breakouts should be behind you. But that’s not always the case. Skin challenges aren’t restricted to any one age. We dialed up dermatologist Patricia Farris and asked her for some tips for dealing with common problems, from blackheads to dark circles. And she offered this shocker: there’s no such thing as combination skin.

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