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Ethical Shopping

Author and journalist Stephanie Hepburn has founded Good Cloth, an ethical online clothing shop, as her way to make change in the garment industry and spread awareness on the topic of labor exploitation in a positive way. The shop includes designers who equally care about aesthetics, ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency.

Four ways to fight frizz. Times-Picayune

And so the humidity battle begins. The New Orleans rainy season means my curls have turned into a single unit resembling the top of a cotton swab. My 33-year-long solution to this problem has been to stuff this puffball into a ponytail.

Fortunately, Billy Miller of Urban Angels Salon and Maritza Barthelemy of Spa Isbell gave me (and you) a lesson on the science of hair and several easy frizz-fighting solutions.

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Spring’s fine lines. Times-Picayune

Designers drew a line in the fabric this season, slashing stripes across shirts, dresses, shoes and accessories. Bright and bold, soft and subtle, black and white, skinny and wide, spring has earned its stripes.

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How to make an origami alligator head and other last-minute costume help. Times-Picayune

Some folks began working on their 2011 Mardi Gras costume on Ash Wednesday 2010. But for those of you who like to ad lib your get-up, costume whizzes Gabriel and Catherine Markel gave us some suggestions for throwing together a last-minute look.

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Six secrets to a hot new haircut: Hint, good prep starts before you even sit in the chair. Times-Picayune

From wavy to straight? Beachy curls to a pixie cut? If you’ve stuck with the same hairstyle for years, a new cut or color can be a big transformation and a big risk. So before you rush off to a salon for a wholesale change, do a little homework first. Six local hairstylists give us the lowdown on how to select and communicate with a new stylist as well as some tips for ensuring you get the cut you really want — hint, it starts before you even sit in the chair.

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WISH: Makeup that goes green, right down to its containers. Times-Picayune, Stephanie Hepburn

Eco-conscious cosmetics have been around for a few years, but the offerings often lacked any sense of luxe. Until now. As Earth Day approaches on April 22, we were thrilled to find a new generation of organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly makeup that even comes in (stylish) biodegradeable packaging. Rich in feel and function, these four make going green glamorous.

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