A turret condominium in a New Orleans mansion is one family’s castle. Times-Picayune

When Libby Love and her toddler son, Tyler, moved from Austria to New Orleans in 2007, they lived down the street from a mansion with a turret. “I thought it was a cool house and wondered who lived in it,” Love said.

So when a for-sale sign went up, Love, a yoga teacher, thought it would be fun to check it out. She found that the Lower Garden District mansion had been divided into condominiums, with the turret its own home, a sort of “vertical shotgun,” Love said. The three-story condo seemed just perfect for her and her young son.

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Chairs to brighten your pool and patio. Times-Picayune

One strong decorative element can liven up the design of an entire pool or patio area. These colorful, weather-resistant chairs provide stylish additional seating outdoors during the spring and summer, and can then spread a little sunshine indoors during the offseason.

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Bringing back the bar cart. Times-Picayune

In the swinging ’60s, bar carts were all the rage. Cocktails on wheels, what could be better? As time lapsed, the serving trolleys were more typically used as a forgotten side table or additional bathroom storage. With summer here, why not return the cart to its original grandeur? Stack up your favorite snacks and beverages, and roll it out to the patio or pool. When the party’s over, it goes back to serving as handy shelving.

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Clearly beautiful glass. Times-Picayune

One way to add character to your home is to integrate some period pieces into your decor. Using vintage glass is an easy way to accomplish this. No two old-glass pieces are alike, giving a space that one-of-a-kind feel.

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Master of the bathroom. Times-Picayune

Bathrooms may be at the top of the renovation list, but sometimes they are overlooked when it’s time to decorate. A chic shower curtain here or a cool tissue dispenser there can personalize and add style to the most necessary room of the house.

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Bedazzling beds. Times-Picayune

The heart of the bedroom sanctuary is the bed, where we go to rest, enjoy a good book or cuddle, and where our little ones like to jump up and down. Yet beds are often treated as utilitarian accessories. These bed frames may be just what you need to make your bedroom a bit more “you.”

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