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Dark and stormy makeup. Times-Picayune

Those nude lip glosses you’ve loved all summer will soon get buried in your makeup bag. Bold is back for fall. Strong brows, thick lashes and red lips were all over the runways. Together, they can be a little intimidating. So Natashia Paul of Wink Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio in Old Metairie breaks down the season’s darker look, step by easy step.

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Six secrets to a hot new haircut: Hint, good prep starts before you even sit in the chair. Times-Picayune

From wavy to straight? Beachy curls to a pixie cut? If you’ve stuck with the same hairstyle for years, a new cut or color can be a big transformation and a big risk. So before you rush off to a salon for a wholesale change, do a little homework first. Six local hairstylists give us the lowdown on how to select and communicate with a new stylist as well as some tips for ensuring you get the cut you really want — hint, it starts before you even sit in the chair.

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The power of pink: Cool Stuff. The Times-Picayune

The color experts at Pantone are at it again. For 2011, they step back from the calm of turquoise (so 2010) and take a leap toward the brilliant, naming honeysuckle pink the color of the year. While tamer or wilder versions are available, pink easily translates to all styles of décor. So start the year with a bold step into the land of pink.

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