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How to soothe irritated and dry eyes. Times-Picayune

I have always been able to use any kind of makeup, without worry about eye irritation. I had no idea how lucky I was until my three-year-old daughter passed her pink eye onto me.

Since then, my eyes have become so sensitive that makeup, if not properly removed at night, can leave my eyes looking infected the next day.

So I dialed up Dr. Ginny Kullman, an ophthalmologist at Ochsner Medical Center, for help. Here are her tips for keeping your eyes pretty, not puffy, irritated and red.

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Dark and stormy makeup. Times-Picayune

Those nude lip glosses you’ve loved all summer will soon get buried in your makeup bag. Bold is back for fall. Strong brows, thick lashes and red lips were all over the runways. Together, they can be a little intimidating. So Natashia Paul of Wink Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio in Old Metairie breaks down the season’s darker look, step by easy step.

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